Here / There (excerpt)

Here / There (Blue Mountains / Scotland)     2017

Two-channel video, soundpiece, scent (Blue Mountains Eucalyptus, Scots Pine and Bog Myrtle oils)

Excerpt:10 minutes

Original: 20 minutes 30 seconds

Video: Rebecca Waterstone

Soundpiece: Rebecca Waterstone, Abi Fry, CC


Blending imagery and sounds from the Blue Mountains, Australia and the Isle of Skye, Scotland, these two film create an immersive environment in the gallery, each projected to a scale of 7 x 3 metres on opposite sides of the gallery space, deliberately enclosing the viewer in a constructed environment that pulls focus from one to the other. They are in dialogue with one another, merging and blurring, in a depiction of the way I have lived in one place physically, and simultaneously in another place in my mind and heart. The pulling of and yearning for one place - and the people within it - when I am in the other, is profound. The imagery, sounds, and scent are intended to evoke atmospheric moods, and facilitate the visceral experience of these places. The spoken word element of the Skye film is a reading of a (fictional) Shipping Forecast – listened to by many in the north as a kind of lullaby late at night, conjuring romantic images of life at sea. Describing the often-tempestuous weather, it is a fitting metaphor for the inner turmoil of missing loved ones, and how enforced distance tears at the soul.