For me, drawing is about mark making in space, with a particular focus on materiality, surface and the edge. My broader practice focuses on my relationships to place and materials. I reframe, distill, and delineate, via the formal composition and recording of pigments, marks and objects. 

This may be evidenced through the definition of architectural or environmental spaces, the demarcation and treatment of planar surfaces, available light and shadow, or combinations of found and made objects.

Referencing the movements of Minimalism and Abstraction, my work seeks to achieve a quiet, meditative quality, concentrating materials into their most pertinent qualities of line, tone, shape, surface texture and pigment. Tactile materials reveal subtle mark-making and impressions, revealing potent fragments of historical residue from existing spaces.

In this project I have explored materials (charcoal and graphite pigments, thread, the moving image) as tools for embodying and defining the Kiosk. The lines and fields of pigment I have drawn or made with my hands, reference the Kiosk itself, taking it’s existing form as a planar surface for mark making, ‘drawing on’ the history of the building, with the residual floor markings transferred to the walls in new forms.